Why Men Fall In Love And Commit To Some Women But Not To Others

From: Nick Bastion

Dear Friend,

If you've ever been confused by a man and longed for him to show you more love instead of pulling away, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

Here's what this is all about: My name is Nick Bastion, and I've just written a brand new book revealing the real truth about men. The secrets of what really goes on in a man’s mind that they would never normally share about women and love... secrets most men don't even realize themselves.

How many times have you been in a relationship that started out perfect only to find yourself later wondering where things went so wrong?

Do any of the following thoughts seem familiar to you?

  • "Where is he? He used to call and text all the time, now I feel like I have to initiate everything and put in all the effort."

  • "Why didn’t he call? I thought we had something special."

  • "Why do other women I know end up with great guys and somehow I only end up dating losers?"

  • "I am a great girl - why don’t the right men notice me?"

  • "Why doesn’t he seem to love me anymore?"

  • "What happened? Did I do something wrong?"

  • "Why is it that women who seem half as good as me find great looking, witty, funny, successful men and manage to keep them?"

  • "Did I screw up my chances by sleeping with him too soon?"

  • "If only I could understand men..."

It’s not your fault you haven’t experienced the perfect relationship and here’s why…

I've been a professional relationship counselor for over 10 years, and I've studied love like a doctor studies medicine. I discovered one thing after working with so many women:

If a man feels like you're trying to get him into a relationship, 90% of the time his male defenses get activated.

He won't consciously realize it, but his instincts will tell him that you are not "the one", and he will feel an overwhelming urge to push for his "freedom", "independence" and avoid connecting with you on an emotional level at all costs.

He will unconsciously start to feel like he's under attack, which will put his guard up, causing him to emotionally withdraw, go cold and kill any chances for love to take hold in the relationship.

This is why when you want love the most, you unknowingly sabotage your chances with the man you really want, and before you know it, you find yourself desperately chasing his love.

Or worrying that he's not fully invested in the relationship.

On the other hand, if a man sees you as "the one", then everything works in your favor and he ends up chasing you. Instead of seeing you as a woman who is trying to "lock him down" and trap him, he sees you as his other half.

The part of him that he's been missing his whole life.

When he sees you as "the one", his "soul mate", instead of worrying about having his "freedom", he'll feel like his life would be empty and meaningless without you.

Instead of him wondering if he's settling or if he could do better, he'll know with total certainty that his search is finally over. That he's finally complete.

How Can I Help You Have Your Man See You As "The One" He's Meant To Be With Forever?

I’ve been a professional counselor, dating and relationship coach for over 10 years. The majority of my clients are women, who have used my advice to experience extraordinary and deeply fulfilling relationships.

See, I get the most satisfaction out of the many wedding invitations I receive from my clients who finally experience the romance and strengthening bonds in their relationships they’ve always wanted as a result of my advice.

I’ve also saved countless relationships from disaster, separation or just plain old dullness. That’s why I’m called the "Marriage Maker." I have the recipe for reaching his heart, connecting with true love, and keeping passion alive even when it seems to be fading, pulling away or losing the spark.

The recipe for love that I’m about to reveal to you is not based on mumbo-jumbo. You won’t have heard it in any self-help books or women’s magazines.

Everything I’m going to teach you is based on real-life results with thousands of real women who have used my 'recipe for love' and experienced amazing relationships with men as a result of it even if he's pulling away from the relationship.

Yeah he's going to appreciate a woman's cooking and sexual skills, but true long lasting deep love where he gives himself entirely to you is only possible when you understand his true male needs and desires.

Over the past years, I've worked with women who wanted to understand their man. And I've privately coached countless women on the inner workings of a man's mind, so that they could have his love and devotion as easily as taking a sip of water.

To help as many women as possible experience the exciting and passionate relationships that they desire, I've decided to write everything down that you need to know inside this amazing new book.


You’ll discover:

  • What makes a man put you first in his life

  • Why men fall in love

  • What makes a man chase you

  • The #1 thing men really want

  • What makes a man feel so strongly he begs to be with you forever

  • Why some men are guarded against love and what to do about it

  • Why he isn’t committing to you and exactly how to make him say “yes” now

  • What he needs from you to eagerly commit forever

  • What makes a man desire you even if you think he’s slipping away

  • How to reach even the most distant man

  • What makes a man see you as the one

  • And much much more…

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